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the nba lockout. despite the halt, the league still released next year's schedule. the wizards will open the season at home november 2nd against the new jersey nets. the capitals defeated new york to improve to 12-0. plenty still ahead. we are, traffic and all your top stories. fox 5 morning news continues right now. take a look at the washington montana front and center on this wednesday morning. it is july 20th, 2011. another hot one today. good morning. thank you for being with us. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm wisdom martin. boy, was it hot yesterday. i understand it will get even worse before it gets better. >> we'll get to the point where they will all start to feel the same. >> actually, i think you're wrong. wait until you feel tomorrow. going to be even worse tomorrow. maybe five six, eight degree warmer tomorrow. >> it is amazing how much worse
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you can get when you start going one, two, three, four, five more degrees. >> let's get right to it. don't have much to show you at the moment. do have some thunderstorm activity that rolled through for parts of the area late yesterday afternoon and last evening. generally, that was needed and necessary rain so that was good. really quieting down. lots of humidity out there to start your morning. temperatures not in the comfortable range and not expecting that any time soon. 7 # right now at reagan national. 76 at patuxent naval air station. -- 72 right now at reagan national. today is another day of transition. not going to be comfortable. highs in the mid-90s but won't be nearly as bad as tomorrow when we are expecting the triple digit heat to start to move in. could be an isolated storm later today. most of the area should remain dry and again, we'll have
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details on the heat wave coming up. now, we're following some breaking news. and darlington county police officer is seriously sure any traffic accident t happened about two and a half hours ago on washington boulevard at north glebe road in arlington. the officer is a male officer. he is at the hospital and this will affect the morning rush hour. we'll pass along more information as we get it. time now to check in with lauren to see what else is happening on the roads. >> i do want to mention that because if you are traveling in arlington, this could impact your commute. hopefully, won't be too much of a problem. little a secondary road. we take a live look from trafficland. if you are traveling in the area of north glebe road, washington boulevard, you want to avoid it. your best bet george mason drive. you want to watch for delays building as we head into the morning. just give yourself a little bit of extra time if you are headed through any of that stretch. now, let's head into maryland. no problems to report right now as you head through the beltway traveling the outer loop to the
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left of your screen from college park into silver spring. we've got more volume in the inner loop but right now everybody returning at speed. no problems to report on 270. the bw parkway, 95 in maryland, between beltways, both running well. in montgomery county, georgia avenue at shorefield road, we do have a water main break so that is shut down in both directions. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. over to you. we are following a developing story out of fairfax county wray 75-year-old man was found shot to death in his own home that. home in the 7600 block of chancellor way in springfield. police found the body of gary hanson about 6:00 p.m. yesterday. officers canvassed the area can warning people to stay indoors. neighbors have said nice things about the family. >> they've been in the neighborhood for a long time. it's close-knit neighborhood. we help each other out. we were down there clearing the
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driveway when we had the blizzard, things like that. they are just nice, quiet folk as far as we know. >> an all-points bull din has been issued for richard hanson, who is the victim's son. -- bulletin has been issued for richard hanson who is the victim's son for a medical issue. he is not a suspect. police are also looking for a suspect in a hammer attack in culpeper, virginia. they are searching for this man freddie hernandez. investigators say he approached a man at a business on air park drive monday looking for a job and when the victim turned him down hernandez hit him with a hammer several times and took off. the victim was hospitalized identify short time but should be okay. in the district, inspectors will heady to alocal park today
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to find out what caused a heavy tree branch to fall on several people. it injured five people including three kids. dozens were at the park for a bible camp field trip. officials say the tree and to be healthy. doctors say everybody who was hurt in that incident is expected to be okay. police still search for the man who broke into an apartment in lorton and sexually assaulted a woman inside. this alleged attack happened early saturday morning on lewis chapel circle. investigators say the victim was awakened by a man standing in her bedroom. the sussexually assaulted the woman and left -- the suspect sexually assaultedthee woman and left hurt. last night, the house passed the bill slashing spending. it calls for a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget and is not likely to go
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anywhere in the senate. house republicans took it one step further with a dare to the commander in chief. >> we've now become the only body here between the house and senate and the white house that has not only put something on the table but passed it through the body. >> our challenge tonight is to the senate president, bring this vote up. let the debate continue. >> we don't have any more time to engage in symbolic gestures. we don't have any more time. we have to raise the debt ceiling. >> the white house has already promised a veto if the measure can make it through the senate. rupert murdoch testified before parliament about the british hacking scandal. >> oh! >> up next on fox 5 morning news, details of what happened to that protester and we'll hear more from murdoch's testimony. stay with us.
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making headlines this morning, syrian troops opened fire on unarmed protesters. they killed 10 people ate funeral yesterday for other
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activists who were killed earlier this week. one man could be heard shouting security forces are shooting at people. this week's violence turning into the worst in the four- month-old uprising and amnesty innational says it fears dozens are being tortured after mass arrests outside the capital last weekend. in afghanistan, the taliban says that reports that its leader has been killed are false. they say the message was the result of a phone hack. an alleged announcement that he was dead sparked rumors that he had died. prime minister david cameron is set for face british lawmakers today under pressure over the widening crisis. he says he is not responsible and herd okay suggested that
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top exec ditchs who resigned in recent days aren't responsible -- that top executives who resigned in recent days aren't responsible. >> do you feel that you are ultimately responsible for the whole fiasco. >> no. the people that i trusted to run it and then maybe the people they trusted. >> during the proceedings, a protester tried to throw a shaving cream pie at murdoch. the man was quickly arrested. murdoch's son james also testified and apologized for the scandal and former news of the world editor rebecca brooks denied paying police for information. news corp. is the parent company of fox 5. new allegations against vince gray's campaign. did some campaign workers accept more cash than the law allows or was it all a misunderstanding. >> we'll hear why mayor gray says the investigation should continue. >> hazy, hot and humid conditions continue. here comes the heat wave. lauren has a look at your on- time traffic in just a minute.
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a live pick outside. that is the wilson bridge. hot outside. we have a programming remind they're this week, our region will honor history, 150 years since the battle of manassas. it was the first major fight of the civil war. tomorrow, we will take the show on the road to manassas for an in-depth look at the legacy of what happened there. you don't want to miss that. that is tomorrow morning on fox 5 morning news. let's check in with tucker. we will all be pretty warm when we were outside tomorrow. >> we will be on the hot side. anybody working outdoors, lots and lots of water here because the here will go from unpleasant to dangerous as we transition into the next stage of extreme heat. we are talking 100 plus. we will mix in humidity so it will feel like 110 the next
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couple of days. let's get to. it the only headline you need to know, no rereceive until next week. yeah, next -- no relief until next week. yeah, next week. i think we'll be back to the upper 80s and low 90s. the transition here is to warmer and warmer temperatures over the next couple of days. plenty warm yesterday. i call that hot. reagan national, 97 degrees. it felt up comfortable too. dulles, 93. bwi marshall, 95 yesterday. a hot one. today, i think low to mid-90s. i don't think we'll see too many upper 90s. not much in the way of relief. 77 at reagan national. we lost a degree in the past hour. this will likely be our overnight low. night whole lot of comfortable temperatures out there. leopardtown, 72. annapolis, 76. that's not great. dew point temperatures are running close to 70. that makes for very up
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comfortable conditions, a lot of humidity out there. here is satellite-radar. we did have some shower and thunderstorm activity roll through late yesterday afternoon and during the evening hours. that has really quieted down overnight. as we look off to the north and west not much in the way of any weather features to show you you. a lot of records were falling yesterday and that with a change in the jet stream will start to be pushed east here later today and the heat really arrives tomorrow. lots of sunshine, hot and humid. we mentioned the code orange air quality. winds oust north and east at about five to 10 miles per hour. clear, warm, muggy, your overnight low, 78 degrees. the winds out of the south at about five miles per hour. here comes the heat. 100 tomorrow and we've got an excessive heat watch which goes into effect tomorrow afternoon. 103 on friday. 101 on saturday. probably wondering about records. we'll be real close here, thursday, friday, saturday. this is the hottest time of the
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year. the all-time record in washington, 106 degrees. we did that in 1930 i think. let's get a look at on-time traffic with lauren demarco. >> there will be all those pictures that people take of temperature gauge in their car. we'll be looking for that. >> if you are traveling in arlington, there was an accident where a police officer was involved glebe road, north glebe road shut down at washington boulevard. you want to think about george mason drive as andal mat. watch for delays in the area as we head into the morning. now, traveling in montgomery county, we've also been dealing with the situation. there was a water main break, georgia avenue at shorefield road. that is just north of arcola. you can see it in the far right of your screen. there is a little bit of activity. northbound georgia gets by one
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lane. southbound is blocked. 66 also running well out of manassas. here we are from centreville. pretty light volume now. nice trip into the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. local environmentalists corp. concerned that i snake head fish has migrated to waters other than the potomac river. scientists found an egg-bearing snake head in a river near annapolis. snake heads were first discovered back in 2002 in a pond in our area. scientists thought they were contained. er in an invasive species. they can damage or destroy the natural habitat and push out local fish. new allegations against d.c. mayor vincent gray's come pain and the way it handled cash -- campaign and the way it handled cash contributions. it is accused of converting cash into money orders which is a violation of campaign finance law. paul wagner has the latest. >> reporter: eight months after vincent gray's campaign came to a close, the mayor finds
5:20 am
himself dogged by claims of improprieties. the latest allegations uncovered bit "washington post" claim campaign workers defied city law by accepting cash donation larger than $25 and then exchanged that cash for money orders. mayor gray said today the alleged wrongdoing had only recently surfaced. >> it was a revelation to me. again, we turned over all of our campaign finance records. we did several months ago to the office of campaign finance and we fully cooperated and we're prepared to continue to do that. >> reporter: so what happened? were campaign workers handling the money just i go nor an of the law or is this some other explanation? >> well, i'm not sure that we exactly know why it happened. we know there were a lot of money orders because there were people who supported our campaign who just don't deal in checks and the like so they purchased money order and made contributions to our campaign. but some of these things i think really are warranting continued investigation.
5:21 am
>> reporter: leslie williams says the law is specific and clear. >> the money order has to be made by the contributor. the contributor cannot give the committee in excess of $25 and thnt committee turns around and make a money order for that person. >> reporter: nathan price with the d.c. professional taxicab drivers association says he tended fundraiser were drivers contributed more than $25 in cash and no one from the gray campaign said a word. >> it shocked me. drivers came and they started throwing money in the basket. when they finished counting the money, it was more than $1500. >> reporter: price says he regrets the donations now because the mayor has since ignored the cabbies and their concerns. paul wagner, fox 5 news. the u.s. attorney's office is investigating the gray campaign. the mayor like to point out he was the first to ask for the investigation.
5:22 am
we are monitoring metro and just what we don't need on a hot summer day, a long grueling walk up and down steep broken escalators. >> that is exactly what happened to these passengers. is the heat to blame? that is coming up next. i feel like if you trip, it would be like a big tumble and you would keep falling down. what are we supposed -- you know, if i break some bones, what is going to happen then?
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talk bay long, hot hike up and down the stairs. that is what several of these folks folk had to deal with. the escalators broke down in the middle of the evening rush yesterday. all three of main entrance escalator should down for about an hour during rush hour. >> and it happened on one of the hottest days of the year and it is a problem we could see continue all week. bob archbishop arrested has more. if you want to know how bad it was during the evening commute through the bethesda metro station on this sweltering hot summer afternoon, just ask holly coffey. >> it was terrible.
5:26 am
i have an artificial knee and it was very painful. >> reporter: just like this woman, holly earlier had to walk up that broken escalator. >> it was awful and there were people saying get out of the way. >> really? >> yeah. >> reporter: yes, walking up a long and steep escalator that is broken can be brutally exhausting. walking down one can be downright scary. >> i feel like if you trip, it would be like a big tumble. what are we supposed to -- you know like if i break some bones, what is going to happen? >> reporter: metro says one of the three escalators here was already under repair. when the up escalator broke down, they twied to switch the down to up and it too failed. >> it is terrible. it is hot. you get cop fused. can you fall. it don't make no sense. >> reporter: that wasn't the only issue here. >> the elevator is now out of
5:27 am
service which, you know leaves you in an impossible situation. >> especially if, like william malone, you move kind of slow. >> well, i think i'm holding up people behind me. you have a lot of hurried commuters behind you. >> reporter: for a while here at bethesda -- >> people are going up and down the on same escalator. >> reporter: not an ideal predicament on any day. >> metro officials say the overwhelming heat makes metal expand and that can lead to more mechanical failures. it makes tempers expand as well what you have to walk those steps. you should just get a free trip back when you walk that thing. >> get a gatorrade or something at the end. we are following breaking news this morning. what is going on in arlington, stacy? >> there is a road closure that will affect rush hour this
5:28 am
morning. north green bay road and washington boulevard, an accident involving a police officer. i will have all the details coming up next on fox morning news.
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a live look outside in northwest d.c. i'm been saying all morning because it is no surprise, it is very hot outside. >> you'll be saying that for a
5:31 am
couple more days. >> yes, it will get worse. we have breaking news next or we'll do weather next? >> let's do weather first. >> tucker, the floor is yours. >> thank you, wisdom. we know this ask. we're familiar with it. we'll have a lot of heat and huge around here later ty up comfortable with triple dim its heat in the forecast. there is satellite-radar. nothing to show you right now. we have quest cans out there. i think we'll have a few move through. maybe an isolated storm late today and just generally kind of hot and humid out there. currently, 77 at reagan national. that is not a cool jeff night low. huge, 84%. winds are -- well, not much wind right now. here is your forecast for
5:32 am
today, hot, sunny, high temperature about 95 degrees. we'll go up over 100 tomorrow. friday, saturday and even into sunday, things will be mighty uncomfortable. we are starting to see some heat warnings being posted. >> good hat weather and inside weather. thank you. we are for himming now some breaking news in arlington. an arlington county police officer is seriously hurt in a traffic accident. stacy cohan is live in arlington now with the details. >> reporter: good morning. i have a detective here with me that can tell me everything that happened. first, if you are coming through this part of aferling ton at north glebe road and washington boulevard, you will encount are a road closure because of a very serious accident involving a police officer. can you tell me what happened. >> we had an officer respondingy to call at ballston mall who was involved in a serious accident at glebe road and washington boulevard.
5:33 am
>> reporter: the officer was heading and encountered a civilian vehicle. >> that,. the officer has suffered serious injury and was taken to the hospital. the driver of the other vehicle had meunchor injuries but we took her to the hospital as a precaution. >> >> reporter: do we know if any alcohol was involved or do we know if lights and sirens were going? >> we are looking into that. >> the officer's car and the civilian vehicle are still in the roadways as this incident investigation continues. can you expect this area to be closed throughout much of the morning rush. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. >> thank you. time now to get a look at traffic and see what is going on otherwise in the traffic department with lauren demarco. >> thank you, wisdom. i do want to talk about that a little bit because if you are traveling in arlington, can you do some easy work-arounds but
5:34 am
you want to expect a lot of congestion. let's take a live look. this is where stacy is set up, glebe road at washington boulevard. you can think about george mason drive as your alternate. expect delays, glebe highway, arlington boulevard, wilson boulevard as you head through the area this morning. here we are in montgomery county, make that trip georgia aching randolph road. you will find your lanes are blocked. it is because of a water main break. no problems as you head into springfield. 395, volume starting to build. nothing to report crossing the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are now following a developing story. fairfax county police investigating a deadly shooting. the victim, a 75-year-old man. police found the body of gary hanson inside his home on
5:35 am
chancellor way in springfield around 6:00 p.m. officers canvassed the area warning neighbors to stay indoors. it is safe to stay the news startled neighbors. people living there are on the edge. >> officer came and said hurry up, get in the house and lock the door. i was scared. >> they said please go into the house. just lock your doors, just go into the house. we didn't know what was happening. >> reporter: so far, police haven't made any arrests and an all high pressure points bulletin due to a medical issue has been issued for the victim's son. richard hanson has not been named as a suspect. "ignoring pleas from her colleagues, leslie johnson showed up for the council's final legislative session before summer recess. after pleading guilty to corruption charges last month, johnson announced she had
5:36 am
resign but not until end of this month. even though maryland law does not require her to step down until her sentencing, some wanted her gone immediately. >> i consider it a distraction. >> why do you think she is coming still? >> out of spite. >> i think that people are eager to move forward. all of us are eager to move forward, to have this behind us. >> sentencing for leslie johnson is set for october 13th. meanwhile, she continues to collect a weekly check for $1,870 until july 31st. congress is now working on three separate plans to cut the budget. in addition to the house republicans cut, cap and balance plan which is not going anywhere in the senate the so- called group of six senators say they are working on a proposal. one of them says the sick will ask the rest of the senate
5:37 am
today to support their deficit plan. >> the first test is how many of our colleagues stand up and say yes. this is a direction that deserves support. we saw strong and positive reaction. >> the plan by the group of six is getting criticized for lacking specifics. even some of them doubt there is enough time to push it through congress before the deadline which is less than two weeks away now. four months after the disaster in japan,en update on the crippled nuclear plant. up next, what officials are saying about the radiation levels around the plant. we are checking more headlines coming up. a check of the markets first. great day yesterday. wall street intownsed back in a big way. the dow had one. its best one-day showings of the year. -- wall street bounced back in a big way. we're back with more after this.
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a stately wake-up call for the astronaut this morning on the shuttle atlantis. mission control played fanfare for the common man by aaron copeland. it is flight day 13, the day before the shuttle lapped.
5:41 am
astronauts doing the standard pre-handing check of control systems. atlantis is scheduled to land just before 6:00 tomorrow morning. four months after the disaster in japan, officials announced success in stage one in stablizing the fukushima nuclear plant. the reactor have been stabilized for more than four months. officials say radiation around the plant has decreased from peak level. the next phase is in progress. they need to bring reactors to a cold shut down within six months. the archbishop of philadelphia is stepping down after allegations the archdiocese hid sex abuse complaints. the pope has accepted the sees i go nation of the archbishop who oversaw the troubled church in philly for the last eight years. -- the hope has accepted the resignation of the archbishop who oversaw the troubled church
5:42 am
in philly for the last eight years. we could be just days away from the end of the nfl lockout. even if there is a deal soon, what is that going to mean for training camp? >> up next, we'll check in with the sports junkies. we are also checking your morning commute and weather.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
soy let's take a look outside this morning. look at that haze this morning. it is already hot but we'll crank it up another 15-degree or so before we we're done with this one. this is operatey exciting stuff. we are honoring history, 150 years since the batful manassas or battle of bull run if you grew up in the north. it was the first major fight of the civil war. tomorrow, we'll take our show on the road. we'll be in manassas tomorrow morning for a in-depth look at the legacy of what happened there. fascinating information. we'll brush you up on your history if you are not up to snuff on the civil war. we will not, however, be wearing our civil war wool war uniforms. >> can't imagine how those troops survived in hot and humid conditions. >> it was a different era then. they didn't have air
5:46 am
conditioning. >> this were a little tougher. >> they were a lot tougher. 150 years ago, it probably felt like 150 degrees. >> you are right about that. we are complaining in the air conditioned cool comfort of the studio. >> you can imagine what it would be like. >> we're not going to find out. >> we are going to be out there. it should be an interesting day. let's get to the headline. no relief in sight at least weather-wise until next week. that is not good news. our high temperatures for the next couple of days will be well into the 90s and then starting tomorrow, look out, triple digit heat back in the forecast unfortunately. 77 at reagan national. that is likely to be the overnight low. you know any time we are talking temperatures in the upper 70s at 5:45 in the morning, it won't be a cool afternoon. 73 as you star your morning in culpeper. highs later today back in the
5:47 am
mid-90s. yesterday we were at 97 at reagan national. showers, thunderstorm rolled through last night. much quieter conditions here overnight. should be more sunshine today although it will that be hazy sunshine with a lot of humidity in the atmosphere. really going to feel that water in the atmosphere later today. out to the west, we don't have much to show you in the way of any frontal systems. no cool air to the rescue the next couple of days. the jet stream will allow hot air to move in. we will have a real test here over the next couple of days. we'll have high temperatures about 100-degree and you mix in with the humidity, it will feel like 110-plus. excessive heat watch for all of these counties starting tomorrow afternoon. highs expected to be 100 thursday, friday, saturday and
5:48 am
right into sunday. 95 today, mostly sunny. hot, humid. could be an isolated storm today. warm and muggy overnight tonight. we are used to this. clear skies, 7 # your overnight low. and here is a not so cool five- day forecast. 100 tomorrow. sorry about that. -- clear skies, 78 your overnight low. let's do some on-time traffic. >> i hope we break a record. if we're going to get to 103, i hope we get to 104 so we can say we broke a record. there was an accident at north glebe road at washington boulevard. george mason is a good alternate for you. no problems to report right now on the beltway in virginia. here we are at the mixing bowl.
5:49 am
things looking good at both the inner and out irloops. outer loop is heavy in montgomery county. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- things hooking good at the both the inare and outer loops. >> we have to get the big lock off the screen right now. the collective bargaining deal could be finalized this week. >> what moves can we expect from thekins when the free agency frenzy starts. joining us now, the sports junkies from 106.7 the fan. >> good morning. >> since shanahan made such a big mess of this last year, what are they going to do with donovan mcnabb. >> they have to they him overboard. this is no way he will object redskins roster for the 2011 nfl season. he was working out with the eagles. he was a monster disappointment here with the redskins. he won't listen to the asian- pacific hands as to what to do. he-- >> do you blame him for not
5:50 am
listening to the shanahans. >> he played poor. they will probably get rid of them for nothing or seventh round pick, whatever they can get, some scraps. that is step one. then they'll do the same thing with albert haynesworth. >> i can't imagine there are two many spots for donovan mcnabb as a starter. >> probably a few situations but they are not situations he would want to go to. he wants to go to a team that could contend. i don't know what this going to do. i just don't see him as a carter. >> you not only have a gaping hole at quarterback, you gave up a second round pick and third round pick in the process to get mcnabb from the eagles. essentially, you are losing three players. >> did they package the deal, mcnabb and haines worth for the new party decks at the stadium. >> maybe. >> there was appear article,
5:51 am
winner and losers of the whole lockout. they have the reskip as the number two loser in the whole deal because of the quarterback situation. -- they have the redskins as the number two loser. you have to make some moves. >> i would go out there. are we allowed to go and search for quarterbacks. not a great crop out there. ill make a phone call for matt hasselbeck. i would make a phone call for carson palmer. i would even entertain calling matt liner's agent. anybody would be better than the current crop of quarterbacks that before right now considering that don -- donovan will not be here. >> they can go after a running back. williams had 20 such downs a couple of years ago. is available. we can upgrade the wide receiver. teams will be over the cap. there will be a lot of guys released. you can upgrade the offensive line. there will be more movement than usual in a short period of
5:52 am
time. >> they need a running back. they finished 30th in the league. i think they need a premiere receiver. santana moss is 32. >> and he can't catch. >> he has had his problems. he had a good year last year. >> real quick, guys. and as somebody with an inside scoop on the arizona cardinals, you don't want mir aimal kasi liner. cross him off your list right now. i'll explain why later. alex ovechkin. you guys thought he was out of shape. now you really think he is. do you want to be the one to tell him that? >> i'll tell him from afar. not to his face. >> i'll tell him today around 7:00 for an hour. it is just one of those deals where i think if you are a world class athlete, can you not look that doughy. just imagine -- that is how we look. we are allowed to look that way. we are goof ball dj's.
5:53 am
>> and i'm not suggesting he is not great. he is an amacing player. imagine if he was in top fitness in a top condition the kind of player he could really be. >> this isn't the 60s and 70s where there is an actual off season when it comes to sports. it is 12 months a year. have you to stay in top shape all the time because in the nhl, there is virtual know no off cone season. >> i'll let the four of you all deal with him. i'll taking the high road on this one. >> this that condition, he can't catch anybody anyway. >> how bay special gift for somebody special? special women about to say i do. >> that is coming up next on fox 5 morning news.
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soy serving in the military a life-changing event. now some of the men and women who have made that sacrifice for serve are getting some help with another life-altering event. >> beth parker explains. >> reporter: the search begins. >> you want bathing or not bathing? >> wendy kelly is used to be dressed up. she is a master salvation army the in the marines but on this day, she is a bride to be. the wedding day will be wendy's day. >> that one is long and el grant gaunted. >> wendy is participate paying program called prides across
5:57 am
america. wedding dress she chooses will be free. >> i was ecstatic. >> general eight's bride and boutique in manassas donate the dresses. over the course of two days, jeannette's here in manassas will give away about 50 bridal gowns, thousands of dollars worth of merchandise they could have sold. while mom heads to the dressing room kenya and company wait. >> mommy! >> desiree new ulm appear is a fellow marine and now bridesmaid. she served with wendy in iraq. >> i'm so happy i get to be a part of it. >> joan brightman work at generallette's. >> if they find a dress and they fall in love with, you fall in love with them and their dress. >> the appreciation is evident. >> big. big. this is one thing i don have to budget for. >> do you like her fiance? >> i love him because he can
5:58 am
cook. . >> reporter: , in the end, they agree on dress number two. >> we'll see you at six.
5:59 am
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